📣 Provisionally Certified Teachers! This one's for you! 📣

Educators who are just starting out on their teaching journey have A LOT going through their minds!

Planning, policies, people...Professional Portfolios! What!? How on earth do we manage that on top of all the other things!

  • Let’s take the stress, hassle and labour out of maintaining professional portfolios.
  • Let’s make the most of our time and energy.
  • Let’s set up efficient strategies and habits around managing registration evidence.

This full day workshop will answer queries around:

👉   WHAT exactly needs to be included in a professional portfolio
👉   WHEN to track your evidence
👉   HOW to best ‘container-ise’ your evidence

🕘   The morning portion of the day will discuss how to use your time effectively, what the minimum suggested portfolio content is, who needs to be involved in this journey and address any further registration related questions you have.

🕐   In the afternoon, we’ll get down to the nitty gritty and the fun part - a hands on session building your custom professional portfolio using Google Sites. Not only will you walk away with a ready-made, integrated portfolio, but you will also start your journey in becoming a Google Sites Pro for your school!

To attend this course, you will need your laptop and charger, as well as any examples of professional learning/documentation (digital or hard copy) that you would like to include as initial pieces of evidence in your Google Site.

Tentative Dates:

  • Rotorua - Thursday 18th March
  • Tauranga - Thursday 25th March
  • Waikato - Thursday 1st April
  • Auckland (North/Central) - Wednesday 7th April
  • Auckland (South/Franklin) - Thursday 8th April
  • Wellington, Palmerston North & Christchurch - Can be arranged if there is interest

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